The Many Types of InstaBio

Explanation link types of InstaBio

Managing Your Links

Manage your links with easily accessible link actions

How to edit Bio Link?

Learn how to edit Bio Link

How to edit Page link?

Learn how to edit Page link

How to edit Profile link?

Learn how to edit Profile link

How to edit LiteSite link?

Learn how to edit LiteSite link

How to edit Webapp link?

Learn how to edit Webapp link

How to edit Card link?

Learn how to edit Card link

How to add icon to my button link

Add icon to button link is a great way to capture attention of your page viewers.

How can I change the order of link buttons?

Learn how to change the order of link buttons

How to change the theme of your link

If you would like to use a different theme, you can select new theme on theme editor page.

Can I change short code after publishing my link?

Learn how to change the short code

How to sort the content of the current page?

Learn how to change the content's sort of the current page

Custom subdomain and edit link URL

How to create a subdomain and edit link URL

How can I upgrade to Premium?

Upgrade basic to Premium or change plan from Pro to Premium

How do I delete my InstaBio account?

If you're no longer interested in having a InstaBio account, we offer the ability to remove it.

InstaBio Link Insights Explained

Detailed explanation of the Insights page.

When I click my link on Instagram it says it isn't available

Find out why you may be receiving a "Sorry, this page isn't available" error from Instagram

Google Analytics Integration

Add Google Analytics to any link to harness the power of GA within your traffic.

SEO Settings

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the search engine ranking for your link and help your customers and fans find you.

Google Analytics URL builder

You can easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Adding your InstaBio link to your Instagram profile

Put InstaBio Link in your Tiktok Profile

Put InstaBio Link in your Facebook Profile

Put InstaBio Link in your Twitter Profile

How to edit products?

Learn how to edit your products

How to add Page slides?

Learn how to add Page slides

How to edit Tab's page?

Learn how to edit Tab's page

How to edit Menu's page?

Learn how to edit Menu's page

Where can I add a form?

Learn how to add a form

How to edit form?

Learn how to edit a form

How to apply the form to the link?

After you create the form, you can directly apply it to the link

Where to view form messages submitted by users?

Receive message from your customer

How to connect with my Mailchimp account?

You can directly use Mailchimp to collect form messages

How to use link tools?

Learn how to use link tools

Why is there no response or page not found after clicking the button?

Find out the cause of this problem

The best size for uploading images

A good image size will make the link preview page look more beautiful

Why can't I use the membership features after paying?

To explain why you can;t use the features after paying

Why can't I log in or the link is missing after logging in?

To explain why you can;t log in or link missing

After logging in directly with Google and Facebook, can I log in with my email for the second time?

Set your account password

Facebook Pixel Integration

Add the pixel code to your website to run conversion campaigns, build advanced reporting andcustom retargeting.

The Many Types of Form

Explanation form types of InstaBio

Shopee affiliate AppID and Secret

Find my shopee affiliate AppID and Secret

TikTok say that the website may be unsafe

Our product team is already in communication with the TikTok team. This will take some time, please be patient.

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